C. Vitae

Adrianna Anderson

Purpose Statement:
The purpose of this vita is to delineate past experience, to denote my work ethic, & to detail my interests & enthusiasm for cultural diversity, the arts, spiritual health, & mental well being.

Education History
2013-Present Southwestern College (Anticipated Graduation May 2016)
    M.A. Art Therapy Counseling
2004-2010 Utah Valley University
    B.S. Behavioral Science – Psychology                
2002-2004 Alberta College of Art and Design
    Visual art – Media Art & Digital Technology                            
2001-2001University of Lethbridge
    Art Education                                        
1996-2000 The Alberta High School of Fine Arts
    Majored in Visual Arts
1996-2000 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Employment & Volunteer History
Realestate, Landscape, and Portraits - Utah and New Mexico Showcase homes using natural lighting
༭Create real estate collections using 15-20 photos
Use elements of composition and design
Canines with a Cause
Volunteer Dog Trainer - Orem, UT
Assist 3-6 Veterans train 3-6 service dogs during weekly sessions.

Art Teacher
Individual lessons - Provo, UT
༭Created lesson plans
༭Taught techniques of drawing & painting media
༭Encouraged individual work independent of lessons
༭Connected lesson plans & interests of student with examples in Art History
Hobby Lobby
Custom Framer - Orem, UT
༭Helped customers select mat and frame choices to compliment their artwork
༭Ordered supplies & merchandise for the Framing department
༭Offered assistance to Art department staff in answering art supply questions
Children's Justice Center
Social Service Internship - Provo, UT
༭Contributed to discussions in group therapy sessions for children, teens & adults
༭Created an intake information package for the “Adults Molested as Children” therapy group to collect demographic information, introduce the purpose & schedule of group topics, and adapted parent intake survey for the adults in the A.M.A.C. program
༭Contacted guardians of children referred to, and currently attending, the CJC therapy group program
༭Connected guardians with other human service or financial resources
༭Provided crisis counselling as needed
༭Prepared printed materials & activities for victims of sexual abuse group sessions
UVU Office of Sponsored Programs
Grant Research Internship - UVU, Orem, UT

༭Worked with Faculty to research & connect them with grant funding opportunities
༭Performed technical reviews prior to proposal submission for application accuracy
༭Connected 10 Faculty members each with 4-5 funding opportunities
༭Prepared presentation material & co-ordinated meetings for the Director of Sponsored Programs
UVU Institutional Research & Information
Phone Interviewer - UVU, Orem, UT.
༭ Conduct telephone surveys with members of the community, current students & alumni
༭ Enter & record information collected, submit data, report daily statistics & progress
༭ High production rate rewarded with preference in scheduling
Between Friends Club
Group Leader - Calgary, Alberta

༭ Aided youth with mental & physical disabilities with daily activities
༭Communicated with guardians regarding planned activities & addressed needs of each child
༭ Planned daily activities & goals with co-group leaders for camp participants
༭ Organized & directed volunteer staff & participant aides
༭Assisted with personal care
UVU Catering
Catering Specialist - UVU, Orem, UT

༭ Promoted from Caterer to Catering specialist within six months of employment
༭ Ensured success of events: facilitated client requests, planned 30-80 events per week
༭ Planned details of events such as decorations, meal choices, co-ordinated audio/visual equipment
༭Consulted with clients to incorporate the theme of their planned event
༭ Hired & trained employees, led & supervised staff of 25 people in a time critical environment
༭ Entered client orders & invoices and received payment for catered events
༭Promptly respond to telephone & email orders
༭Created floral & food arrangements
Especially for Youth
Counsellor – Calgary, Alberta

༭Supervised and befriended a group of 10 teenagers aged 16-18
༭Prepared and taught short lessons for youth each morning and evening of conference
༭Aided the youth to get to and from classes
༭Facilitated activities & games
༭Ensured personal & physical wellbeing
༭Assisted youth with a variety of spiritual questions
Bank of Montreal
Customer Service Representative - Calgary, Alberta
༭ Provided excellent customer service to personal & commercial clients
༭ Performed account related transactions including deposit, withdraw, bill pay, etc.
༭ Matched service requests with sales opportunities
༭ Handled cash, balanced cash drawer, & balanced transaction reports daily
༭ Kept client confidentiality

Volunteer & Service History
༭ 2011 Designed information brochure & poster for the  S.O.S. Ukraine charity to distribute & display at conferences & events. 4 hours
༭ 2010 Designed & Edited an educational DVD for the S.O.S. Ukraine charity to present at fund-raising events. 8 hours
༭ 2010 Served at the first annual Adoption Conference at UVU hosted by the Applied Behavioral Science Club. 3 hours
༭ 2010 Solicited financial donations & baby care item donations for the local food bank at the semi-annual Baby Care Cupboard Project hosted by the Applied Behavioral Science Club.
2 Hours
༭2009 Student Host at UVU Internship & Career Fair. 2 hours
༭ 2009 Co-mediated 13 small claims court cases. American Fork District court. 20 hours
༭ 2008 Co-mediated 11 parent/teen truancy cases. Lakeridge Jr. High & Dixon Jr. High. 20 hours
༭ 2007 Developed, with a team, a weekly community outreach tutoring & literacy program for Latino youth in the Slate Canyon area of Provo, UT.  25 hours
༭ 2007-2008 Organized 8 social events for young adults. BYU area of Provo, UT. 15 hours.
༭ 2006-Present Blood Donor
༭ 2006 Participated in Orem's Annual Parade showcasing costumes from The Hale Center Theater. 3 hours
༭2006 Taught Sunday school to adults. 20 hours
༭2006 Service coordinator on 4 service opportunities for community service. 10 hours.
༭2005 engaged students with local religious classes. 15 hours
༭2005 & 2006 Sub for Santa: participated in a fund raiser to purchase gifts for the children at the Utah State Mental Hospital. Donated artwork & volunteered for the silent & live auction fundraiser. Wrapped & delivered gifts for the children purchased with the raised funds. 8 hours
༭1999 & 2000 Youth Leader for 4 day Teen Girls Camp. 192 hours
༭1999 Publicly presented on City TV's “A Channel's Morning News” show in Calgary, Alberta, about the Chinese occupation of Tibet & plight of the Tibetan people. 7 hours
༭1996 Participated in a stationary bike race for the Cerebral Palsy Association. 2 hours
༭1996 Leader of a teen girls youth group aged 14 to 15. 35 hours.
༭1995 Participated in a 30 hour famine to raise funds for third world countries. 30 Hours
༭1994-1995 Member of the school safety patrol. 50 hours
༭1992-1996 Ushered at Story book theatre for 4 seasons.
༭1991 Participated in the Terry Fox run to raise funds in support of cancer research.

Clinical Experience:
Children's Justice Center
2010 Social Service Internship. Assisted with group therapy for children teens & adults. 122 hours
American Fork Small Claims Court: Mediation
2009 Co-mediated 13 small claims court cases. American Fork District court. 20 hours
Lakeridge Jr. High: Mediation
2008 Co-mediated 11 parent/teen truancy cases. Lakeridge Jr. High & Dixon Jr. High. 20 hours

Scholarly Research
UVU Behavioral, Social Science & College Undergraduate Research Symposium
༭ 2010 Presented Research gathered through a literature review on the Deaf culture
༭ 2008 Spring Presented “Spending, when it is too much?”
༭ 2006 Fall Presented “The UVSC Presidential Study of Full Time Students”
Undergraduate Scholarly Research Participation
༭Research team lead for one study: The UVSC Presidential Study of Full Time Students. Performed the following duties: survey Development, client consultation, survey creation, distribution & collection, data coding, data analysis in SPSS, data reporting, public presentation of findings, filled out & submitted IRB approval application
༭ Research assistant for three studies: The UVSC Presidential Study of Full time Faculty & Staff, The Wasatch Front Emergency Services Study, The 'Bachelor's Degree of Independent Study' Study
༭Conducted surveys for Institutional research projects including: the Annual Community Survey, Annual Alumni Survey

UVU Class Presentations
༭ 2009 Spring. Independently presented “Editing Meets Design: The Language of Art meets The Language of Editing” to 'Advanced Editing & Design for Print Media' students
༭2008 Spring. Team leader, presented “Ethics for Utah Mediators” to 'Fundamentals of Mediation & Negotiation' students
༭ 2008 Spring. Team member, presented “Spending, When is it too much?” to 'Family & Financial Management' students
༭2008 Spring. Independently presented a literature review of John Gottman's work to 'Applied Marriage' students
༭2008 Fall. Team member, presented literature review on the topic of 'living in the present' from “The How of Happiness” by Sonja Lyubomirsky, to 'Positive Psychology' students
༭ 2007 Spring. Performed & Presented written essays to 'Studying Grace: Dostoevsky, Kierkegaard, O'Connor' students
༭ 2007 Spring. Presented & critiqued art work with 'Graphic Computer Applications' students
༭ 2006 Fall. Presented Proposals to 'Grant & Proposal writing' students
༭ 2005 Spring. Presented & critiqued art work with Intro to photography
༭ 2004 Fall. Presented my portfolio of artwork to students of 'Introduction to Writing'

༭2008-2009 UVU Exceptional Performance Scholarship: $10,950
༭ 2008 International Student Council. Nominated for Club of the Year by ASUVSC
༭2007-2008 UVU Exceptional Performance Scholarship: $10,500
༭2006-2007 UVU Exceptional Performance Scholarship: $2,812
༭2003 Millennium Bursary: $2250
༭2002 MVP Awards, Bank of Montreal Employee Recognition: $1,000, & the “Dream Weekend Vacation”
༭ 2000 Excellence in Artistic achievement - Won First place & $1000 Alberta High School of Fine Arts Award for the work “stone hand” in the competitive art show “The Sight of Music” The University of Lethbridge
༭1997-2000 Top of the Class Awards: Construction Technology & Woodwork: October 1997, Art 30 Advanced Placement: January 2000, Art History 31: April 2000
༭1997 Poetry “Never say Never”  selected as a semi-finalist & published in The National Library of Poetry anthology “The Sounds of Silence”

Extra Curricular & Leadership Activities
International Student Council member – 3 Years
༭ 2009 Edited & revised, with the council, the UVU International Student Survival Guide
༭ 2007-2009 Mentored 10-12 students per semester, aided with their academic success
༭ 2007 International classmate tutoring: Sociology 1010
༭ 2007 Presented cultural information at Alpine Elementary School
༭ 2007 Organized the international cook off week
༭2007 Organized & MC'd the Annual International Night Featuring Europe, Febuary 2007
༭ 2006-2009 Participated in leadership meetings held by ASUVSC
༭ 2006-2007 academic year served as the ISC Secretary
༭ 2006 Contributed to the drafting of a International Education week declaration, presented to & signed by Gov. Huntsman
༭ 2006 Purchased and delivered gifts to 2 families for the annual Sub for Santa Project
Applied Behavioral Science Club Member – 3 Years
༭2010 Served on a committee to organize UVU's safety week, planned activities for culminating event to engage & educate the student & local community on safety
༭ 2010 Served at the first annual Adoption Conference at UVU hosted by the ABSC
༭ 2010 Solicited donations from the public & Collected baby care items for the local food back at the semi-annual Baby Care Cupboard Project
Young Women Teen Girls Camp
༭ 2002 Youth leader, aided girls aged 12-18  to climb Sulphur Mountain, 8,041 feet
Institute for Cultural Exchange
༭ 2001 Attended a 10 day student exchange program, travelled to the Egyptian Kingdom, learned about the historical significance of Egyptian art & their contribution to western art history

༭2009 Team member of “International Student Library Proposal”. Researched student demographics. Submitted proposal to & accepted by the Director of Student Affairs
༭2006 Team Member of “Grant Proposal: Marketing UTA towards University/College Students”. Wrote the 'Solution/Outcome' of proposal, designed sample media posters

Art shows & Performances
༭ 2008 UVU Annual Student Show at the Woodbury Art Museum
༭ 2007 MC'd the annual UVU International Night
༭ 2007 Think, Eat, Drink Green: UV Catering Style
༭ 2006 Ballroom Dance Medals Examination–Earned the Bronze Standard
༭ 2006 Winter Dance sport
༭ 2004 Celebration of the Arts
༭ 2003 ACAD Show & Sale, Sold 4 Digital Prints
༭ 2000 The Point of Art Gallery
༭ 2000 The Picture Hook Gallery
༭ 1999 Annual Alberta High School of Fine Arts Show
༭ 1999 Art show at The Station Gallery
༭ 1997-1999 Calgary South Stake Youth Chorus. Choral Member

News Articles & Media features
༭2010 Editor & Graphic Designer. Created a Groomal magazine entitled “The Best Man” for Psychology of Gender class
༭2007 The College Times, and UVSC Page One Weekly, “European theme for Annual UVSC International Night”
༭2003 Calgary Herald “Adorn Me” Full page feature, Modelling Tina Nguyen's Wearable Art “Maxim Magazine Suit”
༭2000 Okotoks Western Wheel “Artists recognized with scholarships and showing”
༭2000 A-Channel TV morning news show, spoke about the plight of Tibetans & the Chinese occupation of Tibet

Professional Conferences & Presentations Attended
༭2013 Nuts and Bolts of Private Practise with Laura Lansrud-Lopez and Deb Heikes
༭2013 Why Not Add Coaching to Your Practice? by Michelle Harkley
༭2013 Conscious Creation Telesummit with Jay Fiest
༭2010 Start Smart Small Business Seminar
༭2010 “Helping Small Businesses Succeed” Seminar,  U.S. Small Business Administration
༭2010 Utah Association of Play Therapy “Partners in Play: Adlerian Play Therapy for Children, Teens and Families”
༭2010 UVU Math Week – won 2nd place in the Amazing Math Race
༭2009 Japan Night: A presentation of cultural experience through food and dance
༭2009 Dr. Haagen Klaus Presents "Human Sacrifice in Peru" in the UVU Ragan Theater
༭2008 CPR Certified. St. John Ambulance
༭2008 “Handling Disclosures of Abuse, Neglect, Bullying and Harassment” Canadian Red Cross, RespectED: Violence & Abuse Prevention
༭2008 “Fostering Friendships for Children on the Autism Spectrum (ASD)” The Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society, Autism Calgary Association
༭2008 "Nonviolent Crisis Intervention” Training Program, Crisis Prevention Institute
༭2008 "Talking & Listening Together” Couple Communication 1, Interpersonal Communication programs, Inc.
༭2007 “Crucial Conversations: Tools for talking when stakes are high” Vital Smarts, Mediation Training Program
༭ 2007 “Ramadan Iftar Program”
༭ 2007 Summer University “Step up to the Plate” Utah Valley State College
༭1999 “Egypt” The Glenbow Museum
༭1999 Calgary Art Walk
༭1998 “Leonardo da Vinci: Scientist, Inventor, Artist. Discover the world of one man's genius.” Royal British Columbia Museum

International Experience & Diversity Skills
༭2010 Race & Minority Relations class
༭2010 Psychology of Gender class
༭2009 Immigrant of USA – Married my fantastic Husband
༭2006-2009 Member of UVU International Student Council for 3 years
༭ 2004 Introduction to American Sign Language
༭2001 Ten day student exchange program – Egypt

Computer & Technical Skills
༭Microsoft Office, knowledgeable user, including MS Word, Powerpoint, etc.
༭Open Office knowledgeable user
༭Adobe Creative Suite, knowledgeable user, including Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, etc.
༭Macintosh & Windows OS, knowledgeable user
༭Beginner HTML
༭Social networking sites including Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, etc.
༭Keyboarding: Typing speed: 60 WPM, 10 key
༭Built my own PC in 2001

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